Authorization codes are also referred to as an Auth code, Transfer Authorization Code, Transfer Code/Key, Domain's secret, or an EPP Code, are mainly used to authenticate the validity of domain transfers. It is a protection mechanism to ensure that only the rightful domain owner can control the transfer of the domain registration. 

Their function, use, and management are highly dependent on the TLD in question, so when in doubt, please consult the TLD's article in our Knowledge Base: HEXONET Wiki

For Domain Owners — How Can I Get My Domain's Auth-Code?

If you are a domain owner and need to get hold of your domain's auth-code, please contact your responsible reseller, they will assist you. If you're not sure who your reseller is: It's usually the company you pay the bills to for the domain's registration and renewal.

 If you do not receive the required information or assistance from your reseller, please do not hesitate to contact Hexonet Customer Care

In that case, it may be necessary for us to verify that you are the owner of the domain (provide us with an original and a translated copy of the passport of the domain owner/ a copy of the business certificate).

Once received and validated, we will be able to assist you.

For Resellers - Finding the Domain's auth-code

You can find and edit the domain authcode via the domain details. Please note that some ccTLDs automatically generate a new auth code when the transfer lock is removed, which can be found in the Security & Locks section in the domain details panel. 


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