How do I transfer a gTLD or nTLD (e.g. .COM, .NET, .BIKE, etc.) to Hexonet?

Important: Please note that this guide is only for gTLDs as country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) can have varying transfer policies.

The latest TLDs are commonly called nTLDs (new TLDs) and follow the exact same transfer rules as gTLDs. As set by ICANN policy, all gTLDs must have the same transfer process.

gTLD transfers always include a 1-year renewal which will extend the current expiration date so no time is lost. If the transfer is not successful, there is no cost for the attempt.

1. Ensure that the domain is available to be transferred

In the last 60 days, if a domain has been either: registered, transferred, or changed registrants (without opt-out of the 60-day lock), the domain cannot be transferred and will have a transferlock status.
Please ensure that the domain does not fall into one of these three scenarios.

The restrictions are set by ICANN policy and cannot be circumvented.

2. Unlock transferlock and obtain the authcode

Many registrars apply a transferlock to the domain by default to prevent unintended transfers of the domain.

Please log into the management area of your current registrar and remove the transferlock. While also in this page, write or copy down the authorization code for the domain.

This is sometimes also called the EPP code, authcode, transfer key, or similar.
If you cannot find the option to remove the transferlock or obtain the authorization code, you may have to contact your current registrar.

3. Start the domain transfer

Log into our control panel and start the transfer in of the domain via the Dashboard. You will need to fill out the domain name and authcode.

Immediately, the transfer will be started and will auto-complete after 5 days.

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