Change of Registrant Details (Email, Name, Organization)

In event that an email address of a generic domain in the WHOIS database should be overwritten (as nobody has access to it or if you would simply like to replace it), you need to perform a TRADE command and confirm that you act on behalf of the old and the new registrant by opting out the 60 days lock period, adding the parameter X-REQUEST-OPT-OUT-TRANSFERLOCK = 0. 

Please refer to in order to learn more about IRTP and the customers obligations and options. 


Via the Control Panel:

1. Go To the Trade section;

2. Cancel the pending trade;

3. Change the whois-contact for this domain in the domain contact details section and press update

4. Ensure that you check ONLY the first 2 checkboxes and NOT the third one when prompted to initiate a trade;

5. Press update;



You may use the following API-command in order to have the WHOIS changed in realtime, but before doing so, you will have to cancel the pending Trade request in our system by using the following command at first:

COMMAND = TradeDomain
ACTION = Cancel

Then, please execute:

COMMAND = TradeDomain
OWNERCONTACT0 = <CONTACT with the new email-address>

If you use X-REQUEST-OPT-OUT-TRANSFERLOCK = 1, a verification email of the OLD registrant is still required, so you should disregard this option. 

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