I would like to renew my domain

As a HEXONET user, you have multiple options when it comes to renewing your domains through our Control Panel.

Option 1: Find the "Renew" button on your dashboard. Click on it to input a domain or a list of domains to be renewed. Click next, select a period for renewal, then add to cart.

Option 2: Go to your domain list from Domains -> Domain Names, select the domain or multiple domains that will be renewed.

    Single domain: next to the domain name, select the renewal option at the end of the line.

    Multiple domains: select all applicable domains, then at the top right corner of the list click on the "Bulk" dropdown menu and select "Bulk Renew Domains"

Renewal via API

For references on API commands used in our renewal system, check out our wiki.

Domain purchased via Reseller

Your domain may be purchased with us through a reseller. The domain will show as with us in WHOIS queries. In that case, they operate the domain, and will assist you with renewing it.

If you do not remember who your reseller is, please contact Customer Care and they will provide you with the contact information of your reseller.

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