My domain has been expired / deleted. How can i get it back?

If your domain has expired or been deleted, you are able to request a RESTORE for almost all TLD's. The registries allow a re-activation for a specific period after it has expired or been deleted.

This period is called the REDEMPTION PERIOD. The corresponding period for a possible restore can be obtained in our WIKI for each TLD.

If you decide to keep the domain, we would kindly ask you to request a RESTORE via your account. The restore service is available on the DASHBOARD. The corresponding restore fee includes a one-year renewal.

Usually, a restore will be finalized in real-time.

In most cases, it can take a few minutes. Upon the completed restore, it can sometimes take a little time until your domain is resolving again all over the world due to caching issues. If the domain s still not resolving as expected after 24 hours, please Customer Care.

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