I changed the renewalmode from AUTORENEW to AUTOEXPIRE but the domain has been still renewed.

Our renewal system offers a pre-payment option for an upcoming renewal. That means you are able to pay for a renewal in advance. For the realization of this pre-payment, we provide different dates.

The domain payment will be charged at the accounting date if the renewalmode is set to AUTORENEW. Afterwards, we flag the domain as paid until the next renewal in the following year.

An update of the renewalmode to AUTOEXPIRE after the charged payment has only an effect for the next period. It does not delete the domain on the FinalizationDate. In order to delete the domain in the current period, the parameter unrenew=1 is required for the API command.

As an alternaitve the domain can be deleted explicitly if you don't want to keep the domain anymore. The fee will be refunded automatically as long as the renewal is not finalized (FinalizationDate) after the payment.

You will find further information and details in our WIKI article 'Hexonet renewal system'.

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