I would like to request the disclosure of the registrant's data.


Please note that due to requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), any transfer or publication (i.e. processing) of personal data requires a legal basis.

This means that according to data protection requirements, we can only provide you with the requested information on a legal basis in the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Furthermore, GDPR requires us to evaluate your interest against the interest of the data subject in his privacy.

We can only provide you with the information in cases where your interest is overriding the data subjects interest.

To enable us to evaluate these opposing interests we require detailed information about why you request the disclosure of the registrant's data, as we cannot simply publish the domain owner's data without a detailed look at the claimed legitimate interest. We are confident you understand this.

In order to process your request:

1. Please specify the client / customer who you are representing and evidence this with a power of attorney.

2. Please describe the action you plan to take and why you need the non-public data for that action.

3. Please provide information on the domain name or domain names for which you request non-personal whois data.

4. Please provide information on the trademark based on which you plan to take action.

5. Please confirm that you will only use the non-public data for enforcement purposes or any other purpose you might envision.

6. Please explain how the Non-EU data transfer to you can be justified (e.g. if you are self-certified under Privacy Shield)

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