How can I file a complaint?

We recommend that you to contact our Customer Care with your complaint and we will get back to you.

In general, we provide support in English and German languages, so please send your complaint in one of these languages.

Always provide the domain name you are referring to.

Providing evidence such as screenshots may be helpful (however, do NOT send us any images of child pornography).

1. The complaining party should be identified in the abuse report (your name, company) and should provide a way for the registrar to contact the complaining party (email).


2. The specific url(s) that are alleged to be the source of the abuse or illegal activity should be identified, i.e., the registrar should not have to guess or search the website to understand where the offending material is located or offending activities are being conducted.

3. The nature of the alleged abuse or illegal activity should be identified with specificity, including identification of the relevant law or regulation alleged to be violated and the applicable jurisdiction where such law or regulation is in effect.

4. If the complaint alleges infringement or violation of an individual or entity's rights under a law or regulation, the report should identify the individual or entity whose rights are alleged to be violated or infringed, and the relationship between the complaining party and such rights holder (e.g., is the complaining party the individual or entity whose rights are alleged to be violated or infringed, or an authorized agent of that party or is there some other relationship).

5. If a court, regulatory authority or law enforcement agency has made a formal determination that abuse or illegal activity is taking place, that formal determination should be submitted if available.

6. If the abuse report requests the registrar's compliance with a particular law or regulation, it should set forth the basis for believing that the registrar is subject to that law or regulation.

7. A complaining party should not submit multiple abuse reports complaining about the same instance of the same activity if the registrar has previously responded to an abuse report about that activity.

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