WHMCS - Domain Monitoring Addon


This addon enhances your WHMCS experience by facilitating domain management through both HEXONET (ISPAPI) and CentralNic Reseller (CNR) APIs.


This addon ensures seamless operation between your WHMCS system and domain services. It primarily focuses on:

Managing Premium Renewal and Transfer Costs: If you’re using WHMCS version 7.8 or earlier, this addon is essential.

Proactively Handling Premium Status Changes: If a domain’s status changes from standard to premium and it fails to renew or transfer, this addon creates a to-do item in WHMCS. You can then use our monitoring addon to review the new price and update the status, providing a better experience for resellers.

Instructions for Accurate Billing:

Domain Registrations

To ensure accurate billing, follow these steps: Navigate to Domain Registrations > mydomain.com. Set “Recalculate on Save” to “Yes”, then click “Save” to apply the changes and recalculate the prices. If needed, cancel and refund the original Invoice & Order. Finally, initiate the renewal/transfer again via Client Area.

Recalculate Pricing On Save

Additionally, be aware that the domain may have either been upgraded to premium status and/or the renewal/transfer pricing may have been adjusted. It’s essential to carefully review and update the billing to maintain accurate records and prevent any discrepancies between your reseller cost and the customer’s initial payment. If a discrepancy occurs, you may need to cover the difference instead of the customer.

These features work together to simplify domain management.

If you think something is missing or have suggestions, let us know and we’ll work on it.


In our system requirements, we recommend avoiding PHP versions that have reached their End of Life (EOL), as indicated in red on the PHP Supported Versions page.

To ensure compatibility with WHMCS, please follow these steps:

Ensure to have the below packages installed on your WHMCS Server:

  • curl
  • php-curl
  • One of the following registrar modules installed and enabled:
    • ISPAPI
    • CentralNic Reseller

You’ll also need live or test accounts for:

Please note: We ensure compatibility with the latest WHMCS version and the maximum versions of the listed software dependencies. While our modules may still function with older PHP versions like PHP 7.4, we don’t provide support for them and cannot guarantee their continued compatibility. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us.

Installation / Upgrade

To install or upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version here.
  2. Unzip the file and locate the folder named cnicdomainmonitoring within the /modules/addons/ directory. Then, move this folder into the /modules/addons/ folder in your WHMCS installation.

After unzipping, follow these steps to activate the CNIC Domain Monitoring addon:

  1. Navigate to System Settings in your WHMCS dashboard.
  2. Click on Addon Modules.
  3. Find CNIC Domain Monitoring and activate it.
  4. Proceed to configure it. Ensure to grant the addon Full Administrator Access Control rights.

How to Use

When Everything’s Fine:

All Fine

In Case of Issues:

You’ll see a list of cases with a step-by-step guide to help you fix them.

To-do Item Domain with Issues

More Information:

Click on Fix Now button to get more information and fix the issue.

Issue 1 Issue 2


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