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Please give this article a read. If you still need assistance finding the reason out why your login fails, please reach out.

Latest WHMCS

The latest Version of WHMCS is probably still including a Core Bug. It continuously is showing that the connectivity is still failing while it already works. WHMCS keeps caching the Connectivity Error in the PHP Session and keeps showing it up on each submission of the Registrar Module Settings Update. Logout of the Admin Area, Login again and retry. We reported this bug back to WHMCS and they confirmed it as such.

Easiest Solution

Sometimes, the issue is about a wrong password, a too strict access control list (ACL, white-listed API Commands) or wrongly configured ip filter settings. The easiest way to identify if that applies and to solve this, is probably to create a new User Role under your Account and to use it in the registrar module configuration. This removes the debug effort completely and helps you in short. If the connection is shown as established after that step, then you know that the issue is related to either a wrong password, ACL settings or your ip filter settings and this new role user allows you for reconfiguring all that just in scope of WHMCS.

Login to our Frontend here: LIVE System or OT&E System. Then click on your User Name in the upper right and navigate to “Settings > Share Access”. In the upper right, you’ll find a button for adding a new Role User - click it. Provide your data as follows:

Create User Role

Then skip the next Steps by just confirming using Button “Next”. This means leaving the ACL form empty and not providing an ip address filter. Even though that works, we highly recommend adding your WHMCS System's outgoing ip address in the ip filter tab of that modal for adding a 2nd validation factor. Initially, it is probably better not to set the ip filter so that you can check if you're able to establish a working connection. If so, then activate the ip filter and check the connectivity again. Keep the above mentioned WHMCS Core Bug in mind!


Do NOT activate 2-Factor Authentication for this Role User - not compatible with 3rd-party Software Platforms like WHMCS.

Now, reconfigure our Registrar Module as follows:

Use a User Role in WHMCS

NOTE: Ensure to separate your account id and the user role id by “!” as shown in the screenshot.

For better understanding: if your main account is "hostingpro" and your role user id is "whmcs", please configure the Username in WHMCS as "hostingpro!whmcs" with the password of the Role User.

Voilà! Connection successfully estabilished. You can stop here.


Ensure a ping is going through - otherwise, there’s a network or setup error (firewall etc.).

ping api.ispapi.net
ping api-ote.ispapi.net


Ensure to have the Requirements of our Module fulfilled: curl, php-curl have to be installed and working. You can test it with the following command from Shell:

# test with our demo user (OT&E System)
curl -k -d 's_login=test.user&s_pw=test.passw0rd&s_entity=1234&command=statusaccount' https://api-ote.ispapi.net/api/call.cgi
# test with your credentials in LIVE System
# s_login -> your user name
# s_pw -> your passw0rd
curl -k -d 's_login=...&s_pw=...&s_entity=54cd&command=statusaccount' https://api.ispapi.net/api/call.cgi

You should get something like:

DESCRIPTION=Command completed successfully




php-curl correctly installed? Find a test script here. Download and execute it via command line:

php test.curl.php

If this works, you should see a similar response as shown in the previous point.

Other Cases

  • WHMCS 7.6?

    WHMCS version 7.6 has a bug in the registrar module configuration page. You are already connected to our API even though WHMCS shows ‘Disconnected’. To avoid this issue, you need to upgrade your WHMCS System.

  • username or password could be wrong
  • you probably mixup using OT&E system (TestMode checked) with using your production system credentials or vice versa. if you use your production account, ensure to have TestMode unchecked (and vice versa).
  • 2-Factor authentication is active in your account - which can’t be supported in WHMCS. Detailed read here. Deactivate it, or better create a restrictive role user as described above.
  • the public ip-address used by your WHMCS system needs to be white-listed in case you have ip restrictions configured in our control panel. Find your Server IP address listed in the registrar module settings next to the connectivity error.
  • the api node has to be reachable, not blocked by a firewall. We connect to https://api.ispapi.net (LIVE System) and to https://api-ote.ispapi.net (OT&E System). This means outgoing connection to that url/domain name using port 443 has to be allowed.
  • up to now unconfirmed: special characters in your password could be a reason. change your password. We will check this and if confirmed, it will also be fixed in the next releases.
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