Setting up email forwarding on my domain

HEXONET offers a free email forwarding service for domains that are registered with us. This can be used to redirect your entire website, or only certain subdomains, to another website.

Once logged into the control panel, go to the DNS service on the left menu and click "Manage" next to the domain you want to update.

You can now create forwarding records by clicking on "Add Record" on the top right and then picking "Forwarding record" at the bottom of the list. Now you can select the URL for web forwarding, select the Type from the drop-down menu, and fill in the necessary fields. (Extra parameters for this domain, and the destination web address.)

- Standard - only forward for one specific address.
- Catchall - All emails received that do not have a Standard forwarding rule will be sent to one inbox.
- Subdomain and Subdomain-Catchall - Same as above but for a specific subdomain. This will create the necessary MX record for that subdomain and will not impact email handling for the main domain.

Note: HEXONET's email forwarding service will not work if this domain is already using a third-party email service

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